Correction & Removal

Correction & Removal


Saline Tattoo Removal

Saline Tattoo Removal is a safe and effective way to remove old or poorly done permanent makeup.

Saline tattoo removal involves tattooing a specialized saline solution over your existing tattoo. The solution lifts the existing pigment molecules from the skin by the process of osmosis. A scab will form, which further lifts the previously placed pigment. The number of sessions needed depends on the saturation and size of your tattoo.
Why Saline over Laser? Saline is an all-natural removal method, typically costs 30-50% less than laser tattoo removal, requires fewer sessions, and is less painful. It is also color-agnostic, so it works on all colors of ink. Saline is also gentler than laser and best suited for the delicate facial area.
Note: Consultations are required to schedule a removal appointment.

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Saline Tattoo Removal 

Pricing is for one session on either brows or a small 3″x3″ body tattoo.
(Multiple sessions are needed)


Eyebrow Correction

Consultations are required to schedule eyebrow corrections.



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Client satisfaction is #1 at Cosmetic Ink Studio and we make every effort to ensure our clients are ecstatic about their new and improved brows! We truly love what we do and make every effort to ensure our clients love their results!

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