3D Microblading EyeBrows Manual Hair Technique

Eyebrow microblading is the art of creating fuller thicker eyebrows through the use of a manual tattoo technique

Eyebrow Microblading is the precise and intricate technique of tattooing realistic eyebrow hair strokes one by one to create the illusion of fullness. Microblading can go by many different names including, microstroking, micropigmentation, eyebrow feathering, semi-permanent eyebrows and 3D eyebrows.
First, a series of ultra fine needles is used to make hair like, microstroking incisions on the skin in a shape and form that has been predetermined by the microblading specialist and the client. Next, ink or dye is placed on the area that effectively soaks into the tiny incisions, creating a tattoo.
Although microbladed brows won’t require daily maintenance, because the results are semi-permanent, they typically last somewhere between one to three years depending on skin type and lifestyle. We recommend a touch up 12-18 months later to keep the color looking vibrant and the microblade strokes looking crisp.
Semi-permanent eyebrows are actually one of the benefits of microblading, considering how skin changes with age, and eyebrow trends can differ with time. The eyebrow shape and color can be adapted to fit changes in skin and eyebrow trends.

Benefits of Service

Who benefits from microblading eyebrows manual hair technique? Anyone who can identify with any one of the following:

  1. Poor vision or just cant see well to apply your makeup.
  2. Allergies to topical makeup or skin sensitivities.
  3. Other clients include those suffering from scarring, Alopecia and Cancer, or other diseases and disorders that have led to natural hair loss.​​
  4. People with busy lifestyles and hectic work schedules who want to look their best all day long without having to stop, check and re-apply their makeup due to smudging or smearing.

Choose Your Service

3D Microblading

Manual Hyper Realistic Technique
(4-6 week touch up required)


Combo Brows

3D Microblading & Shading
(4-6 week touch up required)


Touch Up (4-6 week)

For Cosmetic Ink Clients who have had their first appointment in the last 4-6 weeks.



What Our Clients Have to Say

Client satisfaction is #1 at Cosmetic Ink Studio and we make every effort to ensure our clients are ecstatic about their new and improved brows! We truly love what we do and make every effort to ensure our clients love their results!

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